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NOTE: All moves are subject to MHA approval. Completing this form does not constitute approval. MHA will NOT change the move out date if a rescind notice to vacate is not provided to MHA within 10 days of the vacate date of this notice.


  • Families will not be permitted to move more than once in a 12-month period.
  • The family has violated a family obligation.
  • The family owes the MHA money
  • The family was issued a voucher to relocate within the previous 6 months


  •  The family must give the owner the required number of days written notice of intent to vacate specified in the
    lease and must give a copy to the MHA’s simultaneously. The minimum written notice of intent to vacate is
    30 days. *Exception is the move is due to VAWA or abatement.


  • A move within the same building or project, or between buildings owned by the same owner, will be
    processed like any other move except that there will be no overlapping assistance.
  • In a move, assistance stops at the old unit at the end of the month in which the tenant ceased to occupy. If
    the tenant moves in a new unit before the month of the move-out date on this notice, the tenant may be held
    responsible for the total rent of the old unit for that month. HUD does not allow a housing authority to pay
    subsidy on behalf of a single family for more than one month.
  • If the family does not locate a new unit, they may remain in the current unit so long as the owner and tenant
    provide the MHA with written documentation no later than 10 days after the move-out date. The tenant will
    not be issued a voucher to relocate during the following 6 months.


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