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Become a Landlord

Thank you for your interest in becoming a landlord for our Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP). Becoming a landlord for the MHA Program is a fast and easy process that will result in benefits to you and the community. In order to lease a unit to an HCVP client, there are owner requirements that must be met.

Steps to Become an MHA Landlord:

  1. Attend a landlord briefing. Please review the Landlord Briefing schedule here.
  2. Download our online packet Procedure to Add Property and email it to Incomplete packets and packets returned before attending a landlord briefing will not be accepted or processed.
  3. Your property will be added to the list of available properties that is provided to voucher holders.  This list is updated on the second and last Wednesday of every month.  Adding your property to our list of available properties is optional.
  4. A voucher holder will contact you when they are interested in your property. Complete the Request for Tenancy Packet (RFTA) that the voucher holder provides you after you approve the voucher holder for suitability.
  5. Voucher holder returns RFTA packet to MHA.  RFTA packets that are missing information and/or provide inconsistent information will returned. MHA is not allowed to correct errors on any tenant or landlord documents.
  6. MHA will review the RFTA packet for eligibility and contact you and the voucher holder to schedule an initial inspection.  This process will take up to 15 days from the day the RFTA is accepted by MHA.
  7. A Housing Assistance Payment Contract (HAP-C) will be provided and a request for an executed lease will be requested by MHA at the passing inspection. Payments will be made after the HAP-C and lease are returned to MHA and MHA signs the HAP-C.  HAP-C will not be accepted more than 60 days after the lease start date.  The lease term per the executed lease and HAP-C must coincide. If the tenant lived in the unit prior to receiving assistance, a new lease must be executed to meet the date requirements of the voucher program. All contracts should be returned to
  8. MHA payments will be made the first of the month after the HAP-C is executed. Retroactive payments for any days within the lease term of the HAP-C will be made with the first payment.



 HCVP Main Office
100 South Arch St., Little Rock, AR 772201
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Fax: (501) 340-4708

Office Hours
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