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Landlord Meetings

MHA Prospective and Current Landlord Meetings are held the second and last Wednesday of each month at the MHA’s main office (100 S. Arch St., Little Rock, AR 72201). Meetings are held by appointment only during Covid-19  They are free of charge and open to the public. This seminar is an overview of the Housing Choice Voucher Program and answers many of the questions prospective and participating landlords face while working with MHA.

Prospective and current landlords are invited to attend any or all meetings to learn more about working with the MHA. Staff members will provide an overview of the MHA program and go through the steps to lease to a Housing Choice Voucher Program participant. Topics covered include:

  • Finding a tenant
  • Approving a tenant
  • Submitting a leasing packet
  • Going through inspections
  • Approving a reasonable rent
  • Contracting and leasing
  • Receiving payment

These meetings are a great way to understand how the Housing Authority programs work to assist clients and pays rent subsidies on their behalf. Tips are given on how to find great tenants, keep your property leased, and better understand how this partnership works.

There are many benefits to participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program as a property owner/landlord including:

  • Free advertising of available units
  • Guaranteed rent checks the first of each month
  • Annual inspections
  • Market rents
  • And knowing you’ve helped to provide affordable housing to Little Rock families.

Please address all landlord related questions to Samantha Dawson at

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