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Real Estate Initiatives

MHA is committed to increasing quality of affordable housing opportunities in the city of Little Rock and the surrounding areas. In addition to producing high quality housing units, MHA recognizes quality shopping, schools, medical services, recreational facilities, etc. as key components of great neighborhoods. MHA explores partnership opportunities with public and private organizations to approach neighborhood revitalization in a comprehensive and inclusive manner. MHA is available to discuss neighborhood planning and investment activities sponsored by others and MHA will occasionally seek support for activities it sponsors through Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or Request for Quotes (RFQs).

Multifamily Development

MHA is constantly evaluating ways to improve the quality of the multifamily rental units it owns. Through the low-income housing program and other financing mechanisms, MHA works with developers to redevelop or rehabilitate units in MHA’s housing portfolio. MHA also seeks opportunities to acquire and redevelop or rehabilitate multifamily rental communities.

Project-based Voucher Program – MHA plans to launch its project-based voucher (PBV) program in the summer of 2016. Through the PBV program, developers will have an opportunity to submit proposals for projects that would include project-based vouchers administered by MHA. The voucher assistance will provide a stable income stream for the selected projects.

Single Family Development

MHA recognizes the value single-family, owner-occupied homes adds to communities. MHA explores ways to partner with home builders and renovators to bring more single family homes to the Little Rock marketplace. MHA will work with developers to explore ways to buy down development costs and purchase prices to add more affordable units to the inventory of single family homes.

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