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Board of Commissioners

The MHA Board of Commissioners consists of five members appointed by the Mayor of Little Rock and approved by the City Board of Directors. Each member serves a five-year term. The Board is responsible for establishing MHA policy, long-term goals, objectives and direction. The Board of Commissioners is also responsible for hiring the Executive Director.

Matters requiring Board approval are voted on at monthly board meetings for full Board approval. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month.

Kenyon Lowe, Sr.
Lee Lindsey
Vice Chairperson
Leta Anthony
Louis Jackson
Branndii Peterson


Dr. Nadine Jarmon
Executive Director
Sherrill Hampton
Deputy Director
Constance Johnson
Director of HCV
Andy Delaney
Director of Finance

2019 Minutes and Agenda

January 2019 Agenda
January 2019 Minutes

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February 2019 Minutes

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January 2020 Agenda

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