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Parris Towers – No A/C

May 15, 2018

Parris Towers – No A/C

Little Rock, AR- May 15, 2018 —Parris Towers, a 250 unit high rise owned and operated by the Metropolitan Housing Alliance (“MHA”), experienced an internal power outage in the building. This caused an electrical component providing power to the building’s chiller system to malfunction. All other systems of the building remain to have electricity.

MHA staff and electrical technicians have isolated the shortage within the building’s electrical distribution system and have initiated the repair process. The process will involve a temporary solution to restore power to the 14th floor, where the chiller is located, while the permanent solution is being engineered. The installation of temporary power will start as soon as the parts arrive. We anticipate the A/C being restored to the building within the next two and a half weeks.

In the interim to provide some comfort to the Parris Tower residents, MHA has distributed box fans to each occupied unit, installed air conditioners on each floor, set up air conditioned cooling stations in the common area on the 1st floor and the community room. MHA has also placed small industrial fans on each floor to enhance the circulation of air.

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